Slovak User Experience Association

SUXA supports, educates and connects people who research, design and evaluate User Experience products and services.

Our Goals


Organizing UX events for professionals and the public


Introducing verified standards, principles and methods into Slovak UX practice


Facilitating professional education and growth in UX


Connecting UX professionals from academia and business

UX Bootcamp 2017
31. May 2017

Tradície treba dodržiavat a preto si pre Vás SUXA opät pripravila UX Bootcamp 2017. Séria troch workshopov je vhodná ako pre zaciatocníkov, tak aj pre pokrocilých v oblasti UX. Workshopmi Vás prevedú skúsení odborníci a zároven spoluzakladatelia Slovenskej UX asociácie.

World Usability Day 2016
10 November 2016

The sixth volume of WUD Slovakia will take place on November 10, 2016. Among the hot topics this year are UX sustainability and Green UX.

Autumn UX Bootcamp
4 October 2016

UX Bootcamp in May was very successfull, so we decided to organize Autumn UX Bootcamp for you. Our workshops will help you gain not only general knowledge about UX, but also specific tips on how to implement UX techniques in your projects. Longtime know-how will be providen by the experts in the field of UX and the founders od Slovak UX Association.

UX Bootcamp
10 May 2015

Accelerate your UX skills and bring your digital projects to the next level. UX BOOTCAMP is a series of workshops that will guide you all the way from UX basics to advanced techniques used by top marketing agencies in Slovakia.


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